Love and Dream (Black Edition) Playing Cards

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The first thing that catches the eye of the card box is the spiral design, creating a sense of depth and capturing attention immediately. These spirals in black, white, and gray converge in the center, forming a small heart.

The design language on the card back is similar but with a tiny star at the center. The design is inspired by love and dreams, with the card back conveying the depth of being engrossed in a love-induced dream, hinting at the intricacies of love. The overall spiral design also lends itself well to card-spinning actions.

The card faces adopting a gradient color scheme, using purple and orange hues to distinguish the original red and black suits. The Ace of Spades also features a spiral design, while the two Jokers have a Q-version clown depiction.

When you see these cards, do various magical routines and effects come to mind? For instance, a chosen '2 of Hearts' moving to one's mouth could be an intriguing routine. Moreover, the special card with the 'Queen of Hearts' insignia can incorporate the exaggerated expressions of the card's characters into a performance, creating an unexpected atmosphere.

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