Leaves Black Playing Cards

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The fourth and final installment of Leaves playing cards by Dutch Card House Company (DCHC) is now available. Three years ago, DCHC introduced the first edition of the Leaves Playing Cards- the Green Spring, followed by Red Autumn Leaves edition, and Summer Leaves Edition in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

LEAVES Shadow.

When nature is losing life all color will disappear. Let this Shadow Edition, the extra installment in the series, remind us that we always have to take good care of nature or its life will slip away before we know it.

These custom decks are eco-friendly and fully recyclable playing cards to support and help to protect the environment. The idea behind Leaves playing cards has always been to raise awarenesses for how we use the planet's resources.

The signature tree on all the Leaves Jokers in the previous editions has sadly died, a warning we must take good care of our nature around us.

The striking tuck box compliments the cards it holds inside. The leaves ornament runs from the front to the back of the box and can create a display with 3 boxes. The tuck of the standard edition has been closed with a custom-designed seal

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