Ireland Playing Cards by Midnight Cards

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The design for the Ireland Deck is inspired by the beautiful island of it's namesake. The Ireland Deck is printed by the Legends Playing Card Co. with their exceptional classic finish.

The rich green tuck box front for the Ireland Deck features a custom Irish Harp with unique designs and "engravings".

The Irish Harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, and is the national emblem of Ireland. Also included on the front is a border with Celtic Knots in the corners and Celtic Knot patterns throughout the background design.

The hero on tuck box back is gold shield that features multiple elements of Irish symbols - colors of the Irish flag, Celtic Knots, a clover and the phrase "Erin Go Bragh". Erin Go Bragh translates to "Ireland until the end of time" or simply "Ireland forever".

The court cards for the Ireland Deck are semi-custom. Standard courts serve as the starting point for the design. The rich green colors from the Tuck are also visible throughout all of the face cards. The Hearts and Diamonds courts and numbers cards feature shades of orange in the interior background, courts' clothing and watermarked Celtic Knots patterns.

The Clubs and Spades courts and numbers cards continue the green coloring from the outside to the interior background, courts' clothing and watermarked Celtic Knots patterns. The varied orange / green interior coloring between suits serves to help with gameplay.

All of the face cards also utilize gold color accents in strategic areas of the design. The borders, patterns and color combos result in an intricate, vibrant and bold set of face cards!

The back card for the Ireland Deck highlights the Irish Harp in a common head-to-head design structure. The Celtic Knots border and background pattern help finish the timeless and elegant look. The non-matching Jokers feature the detailed Erin Go Bragh shield. One Joker has an orange interior background and Celtic Knots pattern. The other Joker has green coloring throughout all of those elements. The Ace of Spade for the Ireland Deck also features the intricate Irish Harp.

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