Harapan Magic Playing Cards by Harapan Ong (Designed by Mike Davis)

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A beautiful and functional deck of custom playing cards from one of the world's leading card magic creators.

After introducing the community to his innovative brand of card magic through bestsellers like Principia and "Opticks", Harapan Ong finally has his own deck of cards. Joining forces with Creators Playing Cards and designer MIke Davis, "Harapan Magic Playing Cards" were developed with both the performer and collector in mind.

The lovely lattice back design was inspired by the Harapan Magic logo. It's elegant and simple, offering a perfect alternative to traditional playing cards while also acting as the perfect disguise for the clever marking system. Each deck comes packed into a custom tuck with a large Harapan Magic logo across the front and a unique red oval seal that perfectly contrasts with the monochromatic color scheme.

While collectors will love the design, Harapan wanted to ensure that these cards could be used in performance without issue. So, despite the fact it's very popular for collectible decks to offer customized faces, he has elected to go with standard faces that can be immediately recognizable during card magic. Paired with the neutral black-and-white scheme, "Harapan Magic Playing Cards" blend into any performance without raising any unnecessary suspicion (a must when using marked cards).

Every one of the 56 poker-sized cards in this deck is designed to be used as well. No cards were wasted on advertisements or Jokers. Instead, Harapan has replaced them with versatile gaff cards that allow you to perform hard-hitting effects. Fans of his previous works will immediately notice the potential of the included gaffs: AS/AD double facer, AH/7S double facer, AC/3H monte card, and a double backer.

"Harapan Magic Playing Cards" are manufactured on crushed stock by the USPCC.

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