Grand Tulip Gold Playing Cards

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Our friends at the Dutch Card House Company have launched new editions to the TULIP series; the Grand GOLD Tulip and the Grand RED Tulip.

The Grand Tulip is a mythological flower from Holland. The Grand Tulip bulb is very rare and hard to find. You never know what color it reveals when it blooms. The color of the grand Tulip is a reflection of the personality of its owner. If you are lucky enough to find a bulb of the Grand Tulip, you plant it and take good care of it, it will bloom forever and brings prosperity to the owner's life.

The card backs have been redesigned from the ground up with floral ornamental details in multiple layers to give it a 3D look.

The face cards have been adjusted as well. The courts and other faces are enhanced with a whole new set of artwork to give it the same magical feeling as the grand tulip myth itself. The Grand Red Tulip edition will have an old pink-colored background and comes with the same design as the Grand Gold edition.

The Jokers showcase the artwork of the lovely Amsterdam canal houses and the renowned Dutch windmills.

For the tuck case of the Gold edition (500 printed - 370 and 130 gold gilded) comes with an ultra-thin gold foil laminated to the brown paper stock, after which the decks are printed with full-color ink.

The Crimson Red edition (500 printed) tuck features beautiful Red Rose foil stamping, and the strategic embossing gives the tuck-in a luxurious feel. The cards for this edition will all be GILDED! The same Red Rose foil used for the tuck will dress up the edges of the cards.

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