False Anchors Workers Edition Playing Cards

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False Anchors is finally exploring the other end of the color spectrum with their first ever red deck! After all the amazing comments on the powerful marking system featured on the False Anchors V3 decks, we knew we had to make more decks utilizing it and make it an EDC for magicians.

Introducing: False Anchors: Workers.

As chaotic as the back design looks, these beauties are fully marked for not just suit and value, but also contain additional markings to determine if a card is red/black and round/flat, along with a one-way indicator. If you can read a clock, you can read the marking system.

  • USPCC classic stock
  • Fully marked
  • Subtle one-way design
  • One faro shuffle away from mnemonica
  • One normal joker and one double-faced Joker/AH
  • Extra Seven of Hearts with a printed pencil dot
  • A mis-pipped gaff

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