DMC ELITES: V4 Sovereign Blue Playing Cards

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The ELITES are a unique collaboration between DMC himself (star of National Geographic's CARD SHARK, BEYOND MAGIC WITH DMC, and Netflix®™ series DEATH BY MAGIC) and designer and magic creator Phill Smith - architect of the revolutionary OPTICAL MARKING SYSTEM. The new DMC ELITES V4 are printed on the world-class Phantom Finish - the cards will endure many hours of professional use, and all faces are standard for minimum scrutiny or suspicion from your audience. This new Sovereign Blue edition of the V4 ELITES is printed with a rich blue ink and features a beautifully embossed tuck box with an elegant art deco pattern within. For the first time the ELITES also comes with a double backer, to even further increase the incredible utility of the deck for all magic uses.

The cards themselves feature the latest revision of the unique OPTICAL MARKING SYSTEM (OMS), a powerful 'reader' system designed specifically for the use of magicians and mentalists (as opposed to many decks designed for the gambling world). The OMS has an ingeniously hidden marking mechanic that is readable with extreme speed, at great range and even in poor light. It hides the value and suit of the card in plain sight with no decoding necessary - the back of the card literally says the value and the suit. Despite this, you can still comfortably hand the deck to a layman safe in the knowledge that even the most critical observer would not even suspect, let alone detect, the secret markings.
  • Unique optical marking system - no decoding, readable fast at long range
  • Four corner marking readable from left and right hand spreads
  • One way backs and fronts allowing powerful unique techniques to locate cards
  • Standard faces for easy recognition
  • Two silhouette Jokers with a built in card reveal
  • Instruction card explains reading the marks
Previous V4 decks have won awards, sold tens of thousands of decks and gathered hundreds of five star reviews... and this is the best yet.


These cards have been created with professional magic and mentalism performers in mind, but they could be put to work to gain an illicit advantage at the card table. Cheating at games where there is a gambled stake is unethical, immoral and illegal. If you are caught then you may be subject to prosecution by the law or reprisal from your marks. The technical skills required to cheat at the card table are fascinating to study but we cannot be held responsible for any cheating that may be conducted using our equipment.

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