Dawn of the Ancients (Light Bionic Edition) Playing Cards

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Crop circles. The art of deception or footprints left behind by celestial voyagers? Since the moment the general public was introduced to this occurrence, it has grown into a cultural phenomenon, the inexplicable origins of which have excited the curiosity of scientists, pseudoscientists, mystics, conspiracy theorists, and ufologists alike. Geometrically perfectly shaped compositions spanning vast stretches of land, they have been interpreted as a manifestation of the activity of long forgotten ancient forces, covered up military projects, and of course, the traces of extraterrestrial visitor landings.

The artwork of Bionic Blossom is based on the hypothesis pertaining to the existence of advanced alien civilizations, from which we are descended. It speaks of visitors to Earth from before time began, whom we resemble and whose identities we transferred to our ancient deities. Bionic Blossom was developed atop the narrative of ancient astronauts who bequeathed to us artefacts like the pyramids, Stonehenge, and the Easter Island statues. By laying the foundations upon which the identities of our civilizations lie, they left us in the twilight of theirs.

Bionic Blossom is a visual poem about the messiahs of interstellar voyage, in the ages far before man turned his gaze towards the stars.

Bionic Blossom comprises two basic decks that represent different stages in the travels of the ancient astronauts: "Timeless Depths" and "Dawn of the Ancients".

The design of Bionic Blossom stems from the duality of elements that, once brought together, will create balance from contradiction. It represents a marriage of light and darkness, the artificial and the natural, the past and future, the mechanical and the organic.

Dawn of the Ancients is the light Bionic Blossom deck and follows the tale of the colonization of Earth "before time". Behind its design lies the history of the settlement of ancient races of aliens, and the inception of the civilizations known to man. More human in its execution, it is more rustic than its dark half, the Timeless Depths, and much closer to tribe folklore and the primal aspects of humanity.

Bionic (Special Edition Luxury) Tucks

The Bionic tuck cases are galactic transport capsules of sorts intended for "court cards", and to that end, we have designed a special opening mechanism to contribute to the image of a space craft. Easy to open using a single finger swipe across the central symbol, the contents of the cases will be easily accessible to both left- and right-handed users.

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