Chancers Playing Cards Black Edition by Good Pals

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The Card Inn's very FIRST deck!

Chancers Playing Cards is the debut deck by Good Pals.

'The Chancer - A person who takes many risks to gain an advantage'

Chancers Playing Cards is the representation of taking risks in life to gain your reward. Explore our fully custom casino-themed playing cards featuring truly unique court cards.

Deck specs:
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Premium Bee stock (black edition) / Standard USPCC stock (red edition)
  • Standard tuck (black edition) / Matte tuck (red edition)
  • Fully custom deck, including 12 x skeletal court designs
  • Familiar but custom number cards - suitable for magic, cardistry + card games.
Photos by @forest_of_spades + @kiergomes

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