Bull Demon King (Go Deck) Playing Cards

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HypieLab's Part 2 of their Journey to the West project introduces the Bicycle Wukong & Bicycle Bull Demon King Playing Cards. Inspired by the classic novel, these cards continue the manga-style character designs seen in their Bicycle Geung Si & Bicycle Vampire (Western Vampire) decks, blending traditional Chinese storytelling with a modern artistic approach.

Journey To The West is a Chinese novel published in the 16th century during the Ming Dynasty, which is considered one of the four greatest classic novels of Chinese literature and perhaps the most popular literary work in East Asia.

The adaptation of "The Journey to the West" by HypieLab, designed by Sin Yee Lam, creatively blends Chinese mythology, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy with modern fiction.

Incorporating classic line-art characters, this production offers a fresh, artistic take on the traditional narrative, appealing to both contemporary and traditional audiences. The Go Edition is printed on Black Core Casino stock from Germany with embossed finish which is the same paper and finish as the premium edition. Tuck case will be printed on a matte finish with gold hot foil stamping. The Bull King Go deck is a truly collectible and lightweight to carry on the go.

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