Bonfires Green (includes Card Magic Course) by Adam Wilber and Vulpine

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Discover the magic of the worlds first "Any-Order Animated Deck" - The BONFIRE PASTEBOARDS by VULPINE CREATIONS

Embark on a mystical journey with the BONFIRE PASTEBOARDS, a unique creation by master magician Adam Wilber and the ingenious minds at VULPINE CREATIONS. With a design that pays homage to the classic Red Backed Bicycle decks, these cards are steeped in tradition yet brimming with innovative features that bring magic to the palms of your hands.

Enchanting Animation, Unrestricted Shuffling:
Experience the first-of-its-kind Any-Order Animated Deck technology that unveils a mesmerizing animation with every shuffle, riffle, and cascade, regardless of the order. The meticulously placed animation points ensure a visual spectacle from every angle, offering both performer and spectator a captivating show.

Quality You Can Feel, From a Name You Trust:
Produced by The United States Playing Card Company, a beacon of quality in the cardistry world, the BONFIRE PASTEBOARDS promise a soft, smooth handling with a robust snap. The honor of having the tuck case embellished with the iconic Bicycle Playing Card logo is not just a nod to tradition, but a testament to the high-quality standards adhered to in the making of these magical pasteboards. Whether you're engrossed in magic, cardistry, or simply seeking the soothing touch of pasteboard therapy, these cards are engineered for everyday use while retaining a luxurious feel.

Aesthetic and Narrative:
Every ace embodies the primitive yet profound magic of fire, narrating the tales of human evolution from the discovery of the first flame to modern-day revelries. The subtle design intricacies, like the optical illusion barcode reveal, invite you into a world where every detail holds a story, a trick, or a surprise.

Classic, Yet Contemporary:
While the court and number cards retain a familiar allure, the innovative touches to the Jokers and aces offer a fresh narrative. The hidden Easter eggs and the specially designed optical illusion barcode are just a snippet of the whimsical wonders awaiting discovery.

Disclaimer:The images were initially taken for the Kickstarter campaign and may not match 100% with the finished product, yet the essence and quality of the BONFIRE PASTEBOARDS remain unchanged.

Indulge in the blend of tradition and innovation with the BONFIRE PASTEBOARDS by Vulpine Creations, and let every shuffle unfold a tale of magic and wonder.

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