Bicycle Special ESP Blue Playing Cards (plus 15 Online Effects)

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The SPECIAL ESP deck is an assortment of poker cards including 25 standard ESP cards and 31 gaff cards printed on the most popular cards in the world of magic: Bicycle Rider back.

In addition to this 56 cards, you will have access to a tutorial video (1h35) explaining 15 routines that can be performed with the cards included in the SPECIAL ESP deck.

The SPECIAL ESP deck is composed of:
  • 25 standard ESP cards (5 circles, 5 crosses, 5 waves, 5 squares, 5 stars)
  • 11 double face ESP cards
  • 5 colored ESP cards (circle, cross, wave, star, triangle)
  • 4 ESP Smiley Cards
  • 4 special symbols cards
  • 2 gender symbol cards (female, male)
  • 1 negative star card (white star on black background)
  • 1 ESP House Card
  • 1 tic-tac-toe card
  • 1 black triangle card
  • 1 card: 5 ESP symbol on 1
Here are some routines explained in the tutorial video:

Wild Cards: You present your spectator with 5 cards with a black square on the face of each card. One by one the cards will magically transform to reveal the other ESP symbols which will be in color.

5 symbols in 1: The spectator chooses a card from the ESP deck. Then you reveal the prediction you have in the case to show that the chosen symbol is indeed on the prediction card. But this card contains the 5 ESP symbols that the spectator can choose. After a magical gesture the card is transformed to show only the spectator's symbol.

The Assistant: The spectator chooses a card from all the ESP cards. Then you present the card with your assistant on it which is made up of all the ESP symbols. You turn this card over and rub it against the spectator's card. When the card is turned over again, you discover that the assistant has only one eye left because the symbol chosen by the spectator has disappeared.

Influence: You ask the spectator to take the deck in their hands, turn the cards face up one by one, and stop when they want to in order to pick a card at random. Once the card is chosen, you can reveal that your prediction card has the exact same symbol as the spectator's card.
  • 56 cards (Bicycle Rider back) printed by US Playing Cards Company
  • An assortment of gaff cards with exclusive cards
  • 15 Routines explained
  • Instructional video included (1h35) in English and in French
  • Available in red and blue

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