Bicycle Ultimate Lefty Deck Red (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

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You are lefty and always dreamed of a custom deck for you? The Ultimate Lefty deck is the deck for you!

With its reversed indexes, in hands and table spreads are not a problem anymore. You'll finally be able to present your favorite tricks easier!

So certainly, here is an ideal deck for lefties! But not only...

Indeed, thanks to this deck, a multitude of new tricks are available to left-handed and right-handed magicians, including 7 which will be explained to you in the 1h40 tutorial provided to you (+ various variants).

Each deck includes 2 special gaff cards.

The Ultimate Lefty deck is printed in Bicycle quality (Rider Back) with the thin crush finish which allows a better durability.

Here are some of the possibilities:
  • A blank card in front of the selected card prints in mirror.
  • A freely selected card is - in a blink of an eye -find by the magician.
  • A named card is the only one with a different color inside of the entire deck.
  • A special cards which represents the 52 cards will change into the selected card.
  • An many more things to learn...
  • 56 playing cards printed by the USPCC in Bicycle Rider Back.
  • 2 gaff cards included.
  • 7 routines (+variations) taught in details in English.
  • +1h40 detailed video.

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