Bicycle Bandana Stripper (Blue) Playing Cards

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Revel in the splendid fusion of tradition and contemporary sophistication with the limited edition Bicycle Bandana Blue Stripper Playing Cards. A true embodiment of the classic bandana spirit, this PCD Originals deck features the enchanting artistry of our long-term collaborator, Juniardi Satyanagara, showcasing the iconic blue bandana design in a fresh, vibrant hue that evokes both history and modernity.

Infused with a magician's touch, this stripper deck opens up a world of magical possibilities, enabling a variety of tricks thanks to the subtle tapered cut on one side of the cards. Find a plethora of resources online to start your magical journey with this extraordinary deck.

  • Limited edition: no more than 250 decks made.
  • Stripper deck: specially cut for magical tricks.
  • PCD originals deck.
  • Art by longtime collaborator Juniardi Satyanagara.
  • Crafted on the USPCC's classic stock for flawless shuffling and gameplay.
  • Unique court cards adorned with blue bandana designs.
  • Custom pips inspired by the historic bandana motifs.
  • Card backs enriched with the signature blue paisley bandana design.
  • 52 cards + 2 jokers + 2 gaff cards for versatile play.
Please note that instructions are not included.

2023 release

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