Abstract Playing Cards

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Abstract Playing Cards by Ruben Albrecht

Abstract Playing Cards that are guaranteed to stand out and amaze family, friends or guests!

This deck is guaranteed one you haven't seen before. The special cards appear as abstract geometrical versions of themselves. The Joker, King, Back, Queen, and Jack have a totally new look. In fact, they use only the 4 primary shapes: rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles. The traditional black suits are substituted for a blue hue, complementing the design of the deck. The deck is suitable for any table game or magic trick, and therefore is the perfect all-round deck.

The playing cards
  • 310gsm German black core linen card stock
  • 63x88mm standard Poker format (54 pcs/set)
  • 4/4 full color
Custom design tuck box
  • 4/0 full color
  • Matt lamination on outside
  • 240gsm stock paper
These beautiful custom cards have a wear-and-tear proof, long-lasting construction. The manufacturer is European-based Noir Arts/NPCC, which is known for its precise cutting, finishing and great use of vivid color, all while producing a deck that is very nice to handle.

But don't take just our word for it, these are some customer reviews:

"Love the abstract design and the cards' quality feels great, just awesome!"
- Mark B

"Just got my cards, they look and feel amazing!! Thanks so much!"
- Jeff S

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