404 Playing Cards by Vanishing Inc

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Join the next-gen playing card revolution!

"Error 404 Playing Cards" are a pixel-perfect deck of cards thriving at the chaotic intersection of our digital and analog worlds. Embracing the allure of the infamous Error 404 Page Page Not Found programming error message, the "Error 404 Deck" deck acknowledges the boundaries and perils that must be overcome before you can revel in the triumph of discovery.

The average viewer will see merely a striking deck of cards. Yet, those who open their eyes to broader horizons will uncover the hidden easter egg that fuels this entire project.

Upon closer look, you'll recognize a resemblance to the classic Bicycle design, but with a rebellious cybernetic twist. This is an homage to the fact that 404 is also half of 808-as in "Bicycle Rider Back 808 Playing Cards", the most popular playing cards in the world.

The contrasting red and black pattern combined with a custom Ace of Spades and matching jokers commands attention. You'll also love how the semi-custom pips burst along the waves of each spread like tiny little glitches.

"Error 404 Playing Cards" aren't meant to collect dust like an old computer. Signature crushed stock from USPCC makes them ready to operate with perfectly-programmed precision right out of the box. Use them for all your favorite card tricks and card games.
  • 56 total cards
  • Custom Ace of Spades
  • Matching jokers
  • Semi-custom pips
  • Two gaff cards included (double backer and blank card)
  • USPCC crushed stock with air cushion finish
Grab a deck of "Error 404 Playing Cards" and secure your spot in the digital uprising.

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