Carat X2B Double Deck Case (Back-to-Back)

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The Carat X2B Back-to-Back Double Deck Case is made of clear 5mm archival quality acrylic to allow for unobstructed views of your decks from all sides while safely protecting them from potential damage or harm. This case is designed for the Passione Playing Cards special book tucks as well as for two decks, that when placed back-to-back, form a diptych on the sides of the tuck boxes. It is also a great case for the Gatekeeper by Stockholm17.

The case edges are beveled and the corners are rounded for a more elegant look and feel.

The case lid is attached by 4 neodymium magnet pairs, which are 10 times stronger than regular magnets, for a secure attachment while still allowing for easy access to the deck inside.

Also included is a 3mm insert to fill in any excess space as well as 4 rubber pads with adhesive that can be attached to the bottom of the case to prevent scratching of the case or the surface it is on are also included.

Carat Card Cases by Carat Case Creations are the preferred playing card storage and display cases of discriminating collectors, designers and playing card manufacturers. Carat Case Creations has worked with many of the top designers and companies to create custom cases, including; Butterfly Playing Cards, Cartamundi, Chris Ovdiyenko, Expert Playing Card Co, Jackson Robinson, Lee Asher, Midnight Playing Cards, Mint Playing Cards, Rick Davison, Stockholm 17, Thirdway Industries, Tru-Card and many others.

  • Clear Archival Quality Acrylic for unobstructed views from all sides and safe storage of valuable decks
  • Beveled edges and rounded corners for an elegant look and feel
  • 4 neodymium magnet pairs to keep the back panel strongly attached while allowing for easy access to insert/remove decks
  • A remove-able 3mm insert for filling in any extra space inside the case
  • 4 rubber pads with adhesive included to place on the bottom of the case for protection of surfaces if needed
  • Materials Used: 5mm archival quality clear acrylic and neodymium magnets
  • Dimensions:
    Internal - 9.4cm x 6.9cm x 4.0cm
    External - 10.4cm x 7.9cm x 5.0cm
  • Additional Item(s):
    A3 remove-able 3mm inserts
    4 rubber pads with adhesive to apply to bottom of case if needed

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