Camirand Academy's Masters of Magic Series (Softcover) by Gary Ouellet, Eric DeCamps and Meir Yedid - Book

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Camirand Academy's Masters Of Magic Series

This is your chance to learn some classics of magic like a Ring On String routine, the Three Shell Game, Coins Through The Table, a Two Cup & Ball routine, a Torn & Restored Card, and much more magic and sleight of hand with cards and coins.

The Masters Of Magic Series was released between 1979-1986 and featured outstanding close-up routines. These were polished full routines that could be presented as theatrical pieces or used for informal close-up shows.The booklets were published by the Camirand Academy of Magic and featured detailed writing by Gary Ouellet and a massive number of photographs by Guy Camirand making them very easy to learn from and to master.

Routines include:

  • Finger On The Card: This is the card routine that launched the Camirand Academy. It is a sucker type effect where a card is selected. Two cards are used to identify its color and suit and one of them is placed under the spectator's finger. The spectator is surprised that you did not know that the card under their finger is their selection. You then have them try to find their card in the deck. Amazingly the card they find is their selection which causes them to immediately check under their finger where a completely different card now resides.
  • Supershells: Considered one of the best three shell game routines, that influenced many of the routines that professionals currently use. Includes many different phases, variations, and an impossible ending. You are also taught how to make your own shells.
  • The Silver Passage: A coins through the table routine with some visual vanishes and penetrations and an added element of a small mirror which gets the credit for the coins melting through.
  • The Two Goblets: Using two cups from a cups and balls combination set you perform a series of excellent and impossible looking sequences where a ball penetrates, vanishes, appears, and transposes. For the finale, three huge balls appear.
  • Threshold: Although several different card routines and techniques are taught the main routine is a sit-down torn and restored card where the the double-signed card is torn into four pieces, one corner is held as a receipt, and the other pieces fuse together.
  • The Homing Ring: A multiphase ring off rope routine where a finger ring repeatedly escapes after being tied to a rope and re-appears on your finger.
  • Eric DeCamps' The Coin Connection: A stand-up coin routine where three silver coins vanish to reappear in a purse. They then invisibly travel from hand to hand, converted into foreign coins, dropped back into the coin purse only to revert into their original silver coins.
  • Meir Yedid's Royal Takeover: A beautifully displayed routine where three cards are selected and found to be Aces. The three Aces visually change into a Royal Flush and everything is examinable.

  • The above routine descriptions are just the themes and main effects taught. Each section is full of variations, alternate phases, and many techniques. This book can act as a course in intermediate to advanced close-up magic.

    First Softcover Edition. Written by Gary Ouellet. Published by Meir Yedid Magic in 2023.
    8.5"x11" softcover, with 272-pages, and more than 580-photographs.

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