Buddha Slot Box (Half Dollar) by Chazpro - Trick

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PROFESSIONAL BUDDHA SLOT BOX - Half Dollar sized presented by magician, Barry Taylor!

PROFESSIONAL Buddha Slot Box - Make coins vanish or penetrate through a brass box. Examinable. Whether you are new to coin magic and just now considering your choice for coin boxes, or if you are a seasoned professional, this is an opportunity to own what many call the best coin box on the market.

Chazpro's Buddha Coin Boxes are used by some of the top coin magicians in the world, and are called the most attractive and functional boxes available. If you are familiar with Okito Box moves, you can probably see how the curved sides of the Buddha Box will make those moves almost automatic! Includes basic instructions.

Many books and DVDs offer limitless routines. Includes a brass Slot Box & lid, and instructions.

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