Bit Coin Shell (Gold) by SansMinds Creative Lab - Trick

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Bitcoin are great conversation starters and incredible props to demonstrate appearances and disappearances, but sleight of hand can only take you so far.

Take your coin magic to the next level: miracles with mere pieces of metal.

Introduce you... the BitCoin Expanded Shell.

Shells have been the elemental gaff in coin magic for decades.

Many professional magicians never leave home without a shell in their pocket because it can elevate anyone's coin magic to another level with ease.

Are you ready to perform the cleanest and most fooling coin magic with amazing Bitcoins?

The expanded shell works perfectly with the Bitcoin by SansMinds Magic and Silent Assistant.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin shell both attract perfectly to Silent Assistant. The magnet strength can pick up 1 item at a time. With a bit of practice, you won't need to worry about picking up both the coin and the shell at the same time.

What you received:
  • 1 Bitcoin Expanded Shell - gold or silver
  • No instruction is included.
Note: Coin not included.

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