Bend It Like Geller by Ben Harris - Book

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A captivating exploration of how the art of mentalism changed forever in November 1973 when a young Israeli man named Uri Geller seemingly bent a spoon with his mind on national television. Examining the history of metal bending and its various techniques, you'll uncover what makes it so powerful and why everyone should be bending metal bending in their act.

Brought to you by Ben Harris and Vanishing Inc., there was no better author for "Bend it Like Geller". Ben has been closely involved with Geller's story and the man himself for 50 years. He does a remarkable job of explaining how this simple trick became a global sensation in this stunning hardcover book produced with the premium quality you've come to expect from Vanishing Inc books.

Throughout the 230 pages of "Bend it Like Geller", you'll learn the original techniques used by Uri and other mentalists in the 70s, as well as new methods for bending forks, spooks, coins, and keys. Ben also welcomes an all-star cast of mentalists including David Berglas, Richard Osterlind, Peter Turner, Alain Nu, and others to discuss Uri Geller's presentations and ways to make our own spoon-bending better.

You won't find a more comprehensive look at the history, psychology, and techniques behind metal bending. "Bend it Like Geller" is a treasure trove of information featuring some of the best work from mentalism's biggest stars. A must-read for magicians and mentalists alike.

Hardcover. 230 pages. Full color

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