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The Baffling Phones by TCC & Conan Liu is an old illusion using cell phones. It creates a psychological experiment in which the spectator finds fewer phones feel heavier. It can be used for comedy, mentalism, hypnosis, bizarre magic, & seances with no threads, magnets, electronics, or sleight of hand. The set includes 3 customized cell phones and an online instructional video.

A modern take on a classic illusion, inspired by the old Charpentier illusion (the size-weight illusion).

Effect: You tell your audience that you are about to do a psychological experiment with some everyday objects. Three cell phones are placed on the table, stacked on top of each other. You have a spectator reach out and pick up three of the cell phones, then pick up two, then just one. They soon discover that a single cell phone weighs more than all three phones together. Yes! The fewer they pick up, the heavier it feels.

There are limitless amounts of presentation possibilities. It can be performed with comedy, mentalism, hypnosis, bizarre magic, and seances. The only skills needed are making your routine relevant and supporting it with the right script for your purposes.

Instead of using metal boxes or card cases, which may look like they could have been weighted to achieve the necessary weight, causing the illusion to not be as deceptive and organic, the cell phone is an everyday object that everyone carries. Using cell phones to do this effect makes more sense and triggers less suspicion.

  • Utilizes a natural principle of physics! The only trickery is happening inside your head!
  • No threads, magnets, or any sticky material
  • No electronics
  • Instant reset
  • Can be performed anytime and anywhere
  • No sleight of hands.
You will receive:

Three (3) customized cell phone models that have been specifically designed, so they are the perfect weight for the illusion.Online instructional video, in which Conan Liu will not only show you how he performs it in his parlor show but also teach you how to incorporate your spectators' own cell phones to do this effect with the gimmick.

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