Attraction Blue (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by William Eston and Magic Smile productions - Trick

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ATTRACTION is a project that will enable you to create an intriguing sound magic effect with a bell and a selection of different card tricks.

Some of these tricks can be performed directly by your spectators, so that the magic can take place directly in their hands and have even greater impact! Here's a summary of the effects you'll be able to perform:

The Bell: A card chosen (and signed) by the spectator is lost in the middle of the deck. The magician cuts the deck into 3 packs and a bell is used to find the chosen card. The bell is shaken on top of the first pack and rings. It is then shaken over the second pack and rings again. But when the bell is shaken on the last pack, it doesn't ring! The bell is then shaken on the other two packs and rung again. The spectator then turns over the card from the pack on which the bell didn't ring, and it's the chosen card! Note that the bell can be shaken by either the magician or the spectator.

Spectator's cut: A card is chosen and then lost in the middle of the deck. The magician then asks the spectator to cut the deck and place the pack of cards in his hand. The magician asks the spectator to turn over the card on which he has cut, and it is the chosen card!

Flick: A card is chosen and then lost in the middle of the deck. The magician explains he will try to find the card with just one finger. He then flick the deck and a pack of cards turns face up, revealing the spectator's chosen card. Note that the flick can be performed by the spectator himself if he manages to make the right movement.

Cards in bag: Two or more cards are chosen and then lost in the deck. The deck is shuffled by the magician and can also be shuffled by the spectators. The deck is tossed into a bag and the spectator continues to shuffle the deck by shaking the bag. Then the magician will put a hand into the bag (without looking inside) and will be able to pull out the chosen cards one by one!

Rising card: A card is chosen and lost in the middle of the deck, which is then returned to its case. The magician asks the spectator to hold the case by the tab. The spectator moves up and down, and a card rises above the others. This is the chosen card, which is retrieved and can be immediately given to the spectator to examine.

Card to wallet: A first card is chosen and lost in the middle of the deck. Then a second card is chosen and left face down on the table. The magician then reaches into his pocket for his wallet, in which is a prediction card, which he places on the table next to the chosen card.The two cards are turned over and found to be identical.
The deck is then spread out to show that the first card chosen has disappeared from the deck. The magician then shows his empty hand and goes to retrieve his wallet, which he opens to reveal that there is one card inside: the chosen card.

Levitate: The magician takes the 4 Aces out of the deck and asks the spectator to examine them. Then the 4 Aces are turned face down onto the rest of the deck. The magician then asks the spectator to check that there's no sticky stuffs on his fingers or on the back of the first card. The magician then places two fingers on the deck and the 4 Aces begin to levitate above the rest of the deck for a few seconds. Finally, the 4 Aces are turned face up and can be given away again for examination if required.

You'll receive a bell with its storage pouch and a deck of cards so you can perform all the effects explained step by step in the instructional video (1 hour).
  • No electronics
  • Bell and deck of cards included
  • 7 magical effects explained in detail
  • Instructional video (English and French)

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