Art Prediction by N2G and Kaifu Wang - Trick

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To complete a layered and dramatic mentalism performance, all you need is Art Prediction jointly produced by N2G and Wang Kaifu

You display a series of chips printed with various pictures, allowing the audience to randomly choose one of them. The audience chose a picture of the cat. Then you present the predicted results that were presented early in the morning - three cards printed with English letters, but the letters cannot be spelled as Cat. When the audience thinks your performance has failed, you place the three cards together, and the letters on the cards form a simple stroke of the cat. At this point, the audience still had some doubts, so you flipped over three cards, and the back of the cards were all colored pictures of cats.

This is a simple, powerful magic with an unexpected ending.

The audience's choice is completely free and 100% successful. It is very easy to learn, and beginners can easily master and perform.

Now obtain a complete set of props and detailed teaching, and use Art Prediction to give the audience a dramatic magical experience.

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