Artistic Combo Cups and Balls (Brass) by TCC - Trick

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"Amazing! Unmatched quality!"
- Michael Ammar

We could not have hoped for a better comment from the master himself. Michael Ammar has also graciously filmed a video discussing the Artistic Combo Cups & Balls!

We are proud to present our final version of the brass cups: The Artistic COMBO Cups and Balls Set. This chop cup version features new machining technology to conceal the gimmick and ensure that the three cups are identical. We have made several improvements to the details.

The new COMBO Cups and Balls Set has been greatly improved over the previous version:

New Technology Makes All Cups Identical

In the previous version, we used a lathe-based production process which couldn't make the gimmick feature of the combo cup perfect. Fortunately, we found a new casting method that solved this issue. After numerous tests at the new manufacturer's factory, we were able to perfectly integrate the gimmick into the cup.

This new machining technology ensures that all three cups look and feel the same. Unlike some COMBO sets, the inside of the gimmicked cup is indistinguishable from the straight cup. For the first time, the magnet is built into the cup in an undetectable way, making the three cups exactly identical.

More Elegant, More Stereoscopic, More Robust

Its contours have been extensively optimized, with numerous prototypes made to find the ideal radian curve. All curves ensure a seamless aesthetic.

The two shoulder beads have been redesigned to be more uniform and three-dimensional, giving them a lively and eloquent appearance.

This manufacturing process also optimizes the weight of the cup, giving it better tactility, feel, and balance in the hand.

The combo cups can also hold a tennis ball as a final load, with three working balls sitting comfortably on the saddle even when the cups are stacked.

The cups are made of superior brass, which is firm, durable, and has a good antioxidant effect, allowing for long-term use. The classic, rounded, retro style is complemented by a brushed antique finish.

This set of hand-knitted red yarn balls with solid wood cores is perfect for manipulation. The balls fit perfectly in the cup. Each set includes three regular crochet balls and one gimmick crochet ball, so you can perform your favorite chop cup or combo cup routine right away.

The flannelette bag is a small detail, but we like it. Almost all magicians were drawn to Tommy Wonder's Cups and Balls routine, especially the misdirection of the flannelette bags.

We have also included a blue bag made of special flannelette fabric (no gimmicks).

The Artistic Combo Cups and Balls come in an elegant protective box that has become synonymous with TCC Magic products. Opening the box is reminiscent of unboxing high-end flagship smartphones, providing exquisite packaging for both collection and display.

Each set of Artistic Cups and Balls includes:
  • 3 cups: 1 chop cup and 2 regular cups
  • 4 balls: 1 gimmicked ball and 3 regular balls
  • A blue flannelette fabric
  • Height: 75 mm
  • Cup diameter (outside): 79 mm
  • Cup diameter (inside): 68.5 mm
  • Cup top diameter: 42 mm
  • Weight (single cup): 365 g
  • Weight (complete set including packaging): 1.45 kg
Please note that this product does not come with a tutorial.

Matching Solid Cup for the TCC Artistic Combo Cups (Not Included in the Combo Set)

For the first time ever, a matching Solid Cup is now available for the TCC Artistic Combo Cups and Balls Set. This seamless cup looks and feels like the TCC Artistic Combo Cups, but is made from a solid block of metal. You can use it as a surprise ending to your Cups and Balls routine or one-cup routine.

Note: The Solid Cup is not part of the Combo Cups and Balls Set and needs to be purchased separately.

TCC Artistic Chop Cup

Note: The Combo Cups and Balls set already includes a chop cup. This option is for an additional/separate one.

We have finally achieved the ideal chop cup for a cup set. For the first time ever, the magnet is invisibly built into the cup.

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