ARM: Almost Real Magic (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Obie O'Brien and Joe Riding - Trick

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This is a very clever routine that is full of surprises.

The theme revolves around an entrance exam that is used to qualify players to enroll in a Blackjack Card Counting School.

The observation test begins with two identical hands of Blackjack (AC and JH). The object is to see if the candidate can follow where the cards are.

The first test is easy and your friend names the Ace, then things get tough. Unexpectedly the Blackjack on the table is now seen as two Aces while the one in your hand has the Jacks.

To simplify things, you decide to only use the two Jacks this time but wait now there are three Jacks and only one Ace. As a finale all four cards are shown to be jacks and there is no Ace in sight.

Although there are many impossible sequences and changes the routine only uses four cards and the only sleight used is the Elmsley Count at the end.

Comes with all the necessary parlor dize, Cheetah back, cards (3"x4.5") and access to an online video tutorial by Meir Yedid and Obie O'Brien. Manufactured by Meir Yedid Magic.

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