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In your hands, the phone case becomes a door to a fantasy world, called "Appearance". But don't let the simple exterior fool you, because inside it's a mystical adventure like no other.

An empty phone case lies in your hand like an undisclosed secret. On the outside, it is just an ordinary protective case, but when you gently shake it, the atmosphere becomes unique. With each shake, from inside the case, a real phone appears like a cloud of color. What's special is that you can witness the phone appear with perfect clarity, like a work of art created from thin air. With "Appearance", each shake is a magical journey, where reality and magic blend, giving viewers amazement and the feeling like they have a magic spell in their hands. Not only do you own a phone case, but you also have its power whenever you want, creating a limitless magical experience.

Gimmick has a minimalist design, high-quality materials, and you can use it as an everyday phone case. We have 2 sizes to fit all current smartphones.

Size information:
  • Size S: 155mm x 75mm x 9mm (length x width x height)
  • Size M: 170mm x 80mm x 9mm (length x width x height)
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