Dr. Schwartz's Applause Applause by Martin Schwartz - Trick

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Get the attention and create laughter with Applause Applause. You will have lots of fun performing Applause Applause.

You explain to your audience that you never get the applause, cheering and recognition you deserve. Why not have an audience that will always applaud, cheer for you and get the respect you deserve. So, you have decided to bring your own audience with you at each performance.

You borrow a cell phone and have your spectator google cheering audience. After every performance you press the button, and they will cheer and applaud you. What a relief. No worries that you will not receive the recognition you deserve.

A card is freely selected and returned to the deck. You now deal the cards onto the table. The cell phone now starts to cheer and at that point you turn over the card on the table to reveal the selected card. You feel great that your audience appreciated you as they continue to cheer.

This is another mechanical marvel by Dr. Schwartz that you will love to perform.

Can be repeated immediately.

Video instructions included.

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