Animated Drink by Mr. Magic - Trick

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Introducing the incredible "Animated Drink" effect, the ultimate magic trick for any children's party show! This visually stunning illusion is sure to leave both kids and adults amazed.

Here's how it works: Our skilled magician invites a lucky child onto the stage and shows them a large, laminated picture of a glass of refreshing orange juice. But that's not all - the magician also gives the child a straw and asks them to start sipping on it, all while standing six feet away from the performer.

As the child starts to sip, the audience watches in awe as the liquid in the glass begins to disappear, slowly but surely. It's as if magic is happening right before their eyes! The liquid continues to vanish until the glass is completely empty, leaving everyone in disbelief.

But that's not all - with a little creativity and practice, a dedicated performer can take this basic effect to the next level, creating a truly unforgettable experience. Don't miss out on the chance to make your children's party show one for the books with the "Animated Drink" effect. It's the perfect addition to any magical repertoire!

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