AMCM Logo Deck by Enigma Cards

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Extremely limited quantities. Only 500 decks were ever made and the manufacturer has already sold out!

Ahead of the upcoming AMCM event in México City, Enigma Cards presents the exclusive AMCM Logo Deck (2019). These gorgeous special edition playing cards printed by Cartamundi on linen B9 stock were created specifically to meet the needs of both cardists and magicians as a way of growing the popularity of both arts across México.

These delightfully simple playing cards exude an elegant charm with custom faces and the AMCM logo prominently displayed in vibrant red on a delicate pink two-way back design. This color scheme is one not commonly found in the cardistry community and is sure to catch the eye of everyone around you.

For the magicians, each deck of cards also comes with special gimmick cards to enhance their card magic (1 duplicate, 2 custom jokers and 1 information card).

Limited to: 500
Card stock: Regular
Box seal: No
Custom faces: Yes
Card finish: true linen B9
Printed by: Cartamundi