All In by Allan Ackerman and John Lovick

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Three decades of the finest material from card magic legend Allan Ackerman have been consolidated into a remarkable two-book set from Vanishing Inc.

All In features 400+ pages of world-class material from one the most respected card magicians in the world. Nearly 90 tricks and sleights are packed into these incredible hardcover books. Each one epitomizes Allan's uncanny knack for uncovering the small details that elevate a good card trick into a great one.

Outside of his revered book Las Vegas Kardma (1994), many of Allan's releases in recent years have come via limited-print lecture notes (which are now difficult to find) and the occasional video. Now, for the first time ever, you can get all of his best new material in two stunning, linen-bound hardcover books.

Thanks to help from one of magic's most respected authors, John Lovick, All In by Allan Ackerman is an absolute joy to read. All of the material is updated, edited and accompanied by beautiful full-color photographs.

As you read these books, you'll quickly learn how Allan's sleight of hand expertise is rivaled only by his vast understanding of card sleights, subtleties and mathematical principles. He has developed a diverse array of card tricks with streamlined handling suitable for all different types of magicians.

Each book is organized into sections: techniques and tricks. In the tricks section, readers will discover refined versions of all-time classics like a no set-up version of MacDonald's Aces and a Koran-style double thought-of card routine that doesn't need a marked deck. Undoubtedly though, the section on Memorized Deck Magic and the "Thirty-Minute Memorized Deck" will likely be a major topic of discussion at magician meetups for the foreseeable future.

Those who enjoy learning and practicing versatile moves will find themselves gravitating toward the techniques section. Allan's "HP (Hidden Packet " Maneuver" is a clever way to control, load and even force a card that will surely find its way into the arsenal of many workers. His technique for a slip shuffle using up to 20 cards and his devastating "Rhythm Count" false count are other highlights.

Produced by Vanishing Inc., the world's leading producer of the finest magic books, the All In books were perfectly designed to match the quality of the content they hold. The beautiful books are presented in a gorgeous slipcase that you'll display proudly in your collection.

When it comes to creative magic, Allan Ackerman has gone all-in. For any serious student of card magic, a copy of *All In* is a must!

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