SEVEN THE HARD WAY by Martin Lewis - Trick

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Bob Wagner's "Seven the Hard Way."

Completely different than our "One to Six Spot Card." In this gambling themed routine, created by Bob Wagner, you show the different ways one can roll a winning number at the craps table ending with the card being blank on one side and seven on the other.

Because it require a different configuration this is not interchangeable with our "One to Six Spot Card."

Designed and used by working Pros, "Seven the Hard Way" is...

Sized for maximum visibility, nine and a half inches square (24 cm) with two and a quarter inch (5.7 cm) diameter spots. These are the maximum sizes for visibility without the prop becoming unwieldy and will play to a 500 seat theater as easily as it does close up in a Zoom show.

Self-centering spots are more difficult to make but worth the trouble. The spots find the right places easily. And since the spots are very thin, less than 0.095", shadow issues are no longer a concern.

The prop is made by us and requires a lot of hand work hence the price. The surfaces of the board and the spots are plastic and easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and the prop comes in at only six ounces.

"Seven the Hard Way" comes with a link to a downloadable tutorial video which includes the presentation and easy to follow instructions. Made in America.

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