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"A simple and devious effect...I LOVE IT!"
- Eric Ross

"I will be honest, I thought I knew it and was a little fooled about the Joker vanish. But when I watched it again and again and again, I just became more and more fooled! This will beat your audience's brain-up! Every time I thought I knew what was happening, I'd watch it again and still not know..BRILLIANT"
- Michael Sarah

"My reaction was flat out, 'that was f***ing cool!' I gotta learn this."
- David G.

"Totally mind blown and I had to purchase it! Yet AGAIN, another JM effect that's layered and will blow you and other people away! This is one trick that is definitely going to be my go to! I can't wait to start performing this because truly it will get killer reactions! Thanks again JM for sharing your amazing brilliance with us!"
- Joe O.

"OMG man, I loved it, I was totally impressed and can't wait to perform this in my walk around, close up, routines. You never fail to impress me."
- Ben Garcia

I have a new DOWNLOAD. It is called ACEHOLE

I am so happy to bring you one of my most requested effects when performing for REAL everyday folks.

ACEHOLE has EVERYTHING a GREAT card trick should have:
  • SUPER EASY to perform
  • Almost self-working
  • SUPER EASY to follow
  • Multiple layers of methods to really take them down the rabbit hole
  • A pseudo storyline that has a BIG twist at the end. THEY NEVER SEE IT COMING!
In this 33 min download, you will learn how to perform ACEHOLE and you will be sharing it THAT DAY!

Everyone loves a poker/cheating story and ACEHOLE truly delivers on that level.

Download the video and learn this great routine!

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