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If you're looking for a card trick that screams the word, "Classic," and has stood the test of time, it's TRIUMPH!

Made famous by The Professor, TRIUMPH has gone through every single method and approach that the annals of magic could throw at it.

As we look at this trick, we see what fat has been taken off in each new release from the masters of card sleights. J.C. Wagner first gave us the next BIG break in TRIUMPH... NO TABLE! NO COMPLICATED SHUFFLES! AND FULLY IN THE HANDS! ENTER ONE HANDED TRIUMPH!

This BRAND-NEW SLEIGHT allows a ONE-HANDED METHOD to be fully accessible to the magic community.

What began as a POWERFUL, ONE HAND "3 CHANGE" OF A CARD has now found a permanent home in the memory of TRIUMPH.

Now, for the first time, you can cause a fully shuffled (face up and face down) deck to fix itself VISUALLY... with ONE HAND!

You start clean and you end clean.

Effect: A card is selected from shuffled deck. The deck is split into face up and face down halves and fully shuffled together. The spectator's card is then freely placed anywhere in the deck by the spectator. In a blink of an eye, the deck FULLY rights itself VISUALLY, with one hand. Except for the selected card, which is the only one that is face down in the face up deck!

This is one of the most powerful effects you can share with a borrowed, shuffled deck.

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