The Halo Project Volume 2 by Harry Lorayne Performed by Rudy Tinoco video DOWNLOAD

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Harry Lorrayne has created tons of great card magic, much of it in print. Here, some of his gems have been brought to life in video, taught by Rudy Tinoco. You may already have some of the fabulous effects taught in this volume, but they could be sitting on your magic shelf, unbeknownst to you! Now you can watch them and learn how to perform these miracles.

Included in this volume are:

"Color Gathering Plus"

"The Indicator" (Taught by Paul Gordon)

"Sandwich Locator"

"Four by Four"

"Royal Impossibility"

This is The Halo Project Volume 2 by Harry Lorrayne -- taught by Rudy Tinoco.

Download the video now, and start learning these treasures of card magic!

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