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An amazing way to show your prediction was correct!

From the mind of Justin Miller and Marc Salem comes this NO force mentalism routine using an empty Tic Tac case and a small pellet of paper.

A small, balled-up piece of paper is seen isolated inside of an empty Tic Tac box. Your spectator is shown some ESP symbols or playing cards -- they have a free choice to think of any one of them. They then shuffle the symbols and deal the cards down slowly in front of the Tic Tac box.
Mysteriously, the ball of paper jumps inside the box! The card that was dealt at the moment the ball jumped is turned over and proves to be their thought-of symbol card! As a kicker, the little ball of paper is slowly dumped out of the Tic Tac box and unfolded, revealing a drawing of the symbol you predicted they would pick even before the trick began!

This is a STRONG piece of mentalism with a multi-layered method that will destroy your audiences.

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