4D RUBIK by Tora Magic

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Produced and designed by Tora Magic Company

Draw a Rubik's Cube, color it, and then reveal a Rubik's Cube

4D Rubik's is a flaming, fun and attractive puzzle derived from the Rubik's game which has gained many fans all over the world due to its easy implementation

4D Rubik allows magicians to be very comfortable when performing this item, because the preparation of this item is very simple and it is prepared very quickly, and due to the small size and lightness of this item, magicians can Take it anywhere and perform it

This item is so easy that even children can easily implement it and learn quickly

Suitable for Rubik's lovers and also suitable for street performances, scenes and even parties

The angle of the item is 360 degrees

Things you get with 4D Rubik's items

1. Rubik's frame
2. Rubik's Cube Gimmick
3. Special packaging
4. Instructions card

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