If you examine your wand carefully you’ll find that you can pull on the very end of one tip and there is elastic inside. If you hold the end button between your thumb and first finger then push the wand down into your fist, the elastic will stretch out. Keep a pretty tight hold on the wand until you want it to move. Now slowly release your grip and the wand will rise up in a very eerie manner in your hand!


For a quick shocker quickly release all the pressure and the wand will leap upwards out of your hand! If you are making the wand leap make sure that you are pointing it upwards and well away from your friends. If it leaps into someone’s eye your magic career could well be cut short!


If you hold the wand at one end very lightly between your forefinger and thumb then shake your hand with an up and down motion the wand will wiggle up and down. This wiggling will produce a very weird optical illusion that the wand is made of rubber! Show this to your friends as you say, “This is my wobbly magic wand!” Then drop the wand to your table where it will land with a solid ‘clunk’ Finish by saying, “But I prefer a solid one!”


Props Needed: the rising wand, an empty card box

A great start to your show is to magically produce your wand. To do this you need to get a small box- a card box is perfect- and cut a hole in the bottom of it. Now have the wand partially up your sleeve with the other end of it going through the hole into the box. Hold the box so that your fingers are holding the box by the edges with the back of your hand toward your audience. They will only see the box and not the wand. Say, “Do you know what I keep in my box?” Whatever they say open the box and slowly pull out the impossibly long wand! Practice this illusion carefully in front of a mirror so that you can be sure that the wand doesn’t show before being pulled from the box.


Put the wand onto your left palm and hold onto your left wrist with your right hand. Secretly stretch out your right first finger so that it can hold onto the wand. You can now hold your left hand with its back to your audience and the wand will appear to be defying gravity by not falling to the floor!


Props Needed: the rising wand, a rubber band, a pencil or chopstick

Just in case any of your friends know the above stunt you can completely baffle them by removing your right hand leaving the wand clinging to your left hand as if by real magic! To do this, before your show, use a couple of rubber bands to attach a pencil or chopstick to your arm. You can now put the wand behind the pencil or chopstick to hold it in place. Once more, if the back of your hand is towards the audience, the effect is totally magical. After the effect you can push the pencil or chopstick back into your sleeve to hide it.


Put your wand onto a table and claim that you have amazing magnetic fingers. Point to your wand and it will “magically” roll away from you across the table! Of course you don’t really have the power to do this (unless you are a real magician!) so you do this by secretly blowing towards the wand as you point to it! If you blow on the fingernail of the finger pointing to the wand you will find that the wand will roll more easily.


Props Needed: the rising wand, a clock or watch

You can use your magic wand to discover a number that has just been thought of by a helper. To do this you will need, along with your wand, a clock or a watch. Ask your helper to think of any number from one to twelve and to remember it. Say, “I am now going to tap my wand against the numbers on the clock. As I do this I want you to start with the number you are thinking of and add one to it each time I make a tap. So if you are thinking of nine you would count ten, eleven, twelve and so on each time I make a tap. When you reach twenty call out stop!” Make your first seven taps on any numbers. On your eighth tap you must tap your wand on twelve. Now continue tapping numbers in order backwards around the dial (eleven, ten, nine, eight and so on). When they call out stop you both may be astonished to find that the wand is right on their number! For larger audiences you can use a picture of a clock face drawn on a large poster board.


Props Needed: the rising wand, some black thread or fishing line

To do this great effect you’ll need your wand, a bottle and some fishing line. Before your show, attach the thread to one end of your wand and tie the other end to one of your shirt buttons. Make sure that the thread is long enough to allow you free movement (about three feet is enough). During your show put the wand into the bottle with the end that has the thread attached going in first. Stand back from your table until you feel that the thread is tight. Now by secretly pulling on the thread by leaning back a little the wand will rise from the bottle. By leaning forward it will drop back into the bottle!


Props Needed: the rising wand, black thread or fishing line, a ring

Using your thread set up but with a shorter thread you can make a borrowed ring do an amazing effect! Hold the wand with the end that the thread is attached to upwards. Borrow a finger ring and drop it over the wand. Now by tightening the thread (by moving the wand away from you a little) the ring can be made to rise up the wand in a very weird manner! By relaxing the tension on the thread the ring will drop down again. A little practice time will help you judge the best length of thread to use.


Props Needed: the rising wand, a cup

Hold a cup between your fingers and thumb and tap your magic wand inside against the bottom of the cup. Now quickly push the wand behind the cup so the tip of the wand looks as though it goes through the bottom of the cup! Quickly pull the wand out and show the cup to be unharmed.


Props Needed: the rising wand, a cup

Put your magic wand into the front of a cup then lean it back against the back rim.. From the front it looks as though the wand is just measuring the depth of the cup. Now mark where the wand touches the rim. Stand the wand next to the cup and the mark will be significantly higher than the height of the cup proving that the cup is bigger inside than it is outside!

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