On your special credit card, you will notice that the last four digits of the credit card number are 1089. Bring out a pad and a pen. Say to one of your friends, “I want you to think of a three digit number but all the numbers must be different and the first number must be higher than the last one.” Write their number down at the top of your pad. Underneath

it write his number backwards (so if his number is 754 you would write 457 for example). Now subtract the smaller number from the larger one. If you aren’t so good at math yet you might want to use a calculator here! Using our example numbers from above the

answer would be 297. Write this number down. Now under our new number write this one backwards to give us 792. Finally, add the last two numbers (297 and 792) and you’ll get 1089. Whatever three digit number they start with, provided they follow your simple rules,

the answer will always be 1089. Now, show them the last four digits on your special credit card and they’ll see your credit card knew what their number would be!


Place the Five Of Hearts card on top of a deck of cards. Now ask your friend to cut the top half of the deck off and put it to one side. Pick up the lower portion of the deck and put it crossways on the cut off cards (in a “+” shape). Next, pull out your special credit card and tell them that the card knows the card they chose! Now lift off the top portion and ask them to take the top card of the lower portion. Since you briefly distracted them by showing them your credit card, they won’t remember that they cut off the top half of the deck and you’re simply showing them the top card. The card will, of course, be the Five Of Hearts and you can now turn your credit card over to show them that the signature line says “Five Of Hearts”!

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