Ultimate Chair Test (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Paul Romhany

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The most versatile chair test ever produced. For the past twenty years Paul Romhany has been performing his chair test routine in every imaginable working condition possible. From comedy clubs, theaters, cruise ships to corporate events. This is the ULTIMATE pack-small and play-big routine that can play for any size audience. The special gimmick does ALL the work and makes this incredibly easy to perform, it also allows for a variety of chair test routines including: 1) THREE -PERSON CHAIR TEST - Three spectators, three FREE choices of an envelope and the prediction matches their choices of chair EXACTLY! 2) FOUR PERSON CHAIR TEST - As above but FOUR spectators, four FREE choices and again the prediction matches 100%. 3) CHAIR TEST/ BANK NIGHT - Combing the Chair Test Routine with a Bank Night is something Paul has been doing for over a decade. In this version the final prediction reveals which spectator will sit AND that Paul will end up with the money! 4) CHAIR TEST/BANK NIGHT/BOOK TEST - By combining the above Paul performs this in all his theatre and corporate shows. This three phase routine starts with a chair test and combines Bank Night with the kicker of the prediction of a word from a book. BONUS ROUTINES on PDF: THE NAME TEST THE COLOR TEST MYSTERY BAG AND BANKNIGHT BODY LANGUAGE COMPLETE WITH: Tutorial with LIVE performances. GIMMICK folio that does ALL the work. FOUR chair covers (these will fit most banquet or regular chairs) PDF bonus routines

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