Shinanigens by Shin Lim [SIGNED]

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*The DVD case is SIGNED by Shin Lim

Get ready to explore the world of visual sleight of hand magic tricks. Stuffed to the brim with 27 impromptu magic tricks and over three hours of indepth tuition, this two disk DVD will blow your mind.

Check out the crazy multi stage color changes and without a doubt one of the most visual playing card deck productions you will have to see to believe.


Included in the DVD is a gimmick which will let you to execute the appearing deck. Here is a little taste of the magic tricks you will discover:

ANARCHY - this is one of the most graphic and cleanest deck productions of all time. Envision plainly holding a single card, and with nothing but a tiny shudder of the wrist, a full deck of playing cards apparently forms into your hand. You can now show the viewers a full deck of cards. In this DVD, Shin instructs multiple variations and handlings (such as making the deck vanish using the same gimmick), as well as how to apply the gimmick to any deck of your choice. This magic trick alone is easily worth the price of this DVD. Includes gimmick.

SHINAG 2.0 - this is one of the most visual and cleanest playing card productions ever seen. With just a mere spring of the deck, the selected signed playing card shoots out of the center of the deck. No strings, no magnets, nothing at all. Totally unplanned and insanely tidy.

Transfusion - Two cards are chosen. One is placed in the center of the deck and one is placed on top. Both playing cards face up, so the viewers sees everything. Everything is fair. But then, with just a wave of the hand, both cards change places in the cleanest manner possible. No angles to worry about. No difficult sleight of hand. After watching the performance you will want to perform this every opportunity you get.

SHINSANITY - After producing 4 aces in the most visible manner possible, the magician then proceeds to have a playing card selected and then lost. He then fans the four aces very cleanly, and holds them with his fingertips. With no odd motions what so ever, and under impossible conditions, one of the aces invert. It turns out that the ace that inverts is the suite of the selected playing card. But when the magician pulls out the inverted playing card, he turns it around. IT IS THE CHOSEN SIGNED PLAYING CARD.

The COON - Visualize getting your spectator's signed playing card positioned in the middle of the deck, out jogged. With no movements what so ever, the signed card begins to strangely rise to the very top. No apparatus and it's totally impromptu. You have to see it to accept it.