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The idea of a little hand, or 'little assistant' has been around for decades with numerous variations.  This PropDog's latest version, 2 years in the making, is not just a great gag, but also a trick in it's own way.

The Mini Magician comes with two decks of mini playing cards and four mini card boxes, additional decks are available. You simply have to choose the card you want to use and stick it to the gimmick (you do have to trim each card slightly, but you do get a template for this).  You also get blank cards to write your own messages or predictions on and some mini red cards to turn the gag into giving someone 'a red card'.  (This is a football term for those who don't get the gag).

The Mini Magician is designed to be used on your middle finger, so it can easily be removed in thumb palm and has been professionally injection moulded from a really tough plastic, so it should never break.  We even include a small strip of sticky back neoprene for those with really small fingers.  Simply stick it inside and it should fit you perfectly!

  • Easy to perform
  • Totally angle proof
  • No reset needed
  • Extremely funny
  • The Instructions are on both a DVD and a video download

There are so many routines you could do with this gag, such as:

  • Telling the spectator that you have a mini magician who will read your mind and reveal your chosen card.
  • Get a card reveal wrong a number of times and have to resort to asking your mini magician friend.
  • Use the blank cards or your own bigger card to have your mini magician reveal a chosen word or other prediction.
  • Show a swear word to a heckler.  
  • Show a red card to a heckler. 
  • Use it in conjunction with Dave Bonsall's Little Hand or Little Bird!

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