Winter NOC Playing Cards

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NOC fans and playing card collectors have been clamoring for Winter NOC Playing Cards since they were first teased more than a year ago. We’re thrilled to let you know that the wait is FINALLY OVER!

The story of Winter NOC Playing Cards goes back more than 400 years when the North Ontario Company (better known as NOC) established a trading system with the natives around New England and Lake Ontario. Beyond knives, hatchets, furs, meats and the other standard goods that were traded, playing cards emerged as one of the most sought-after recreational items. While searching for the perfect deck of cards, a powerful frontiersman came across the remarkable Winter NOC Playing Cards.

Now, playing card enthusiasts can access a limited stock of these gorgeous, pastel-colored gems. Grab your favorite minimalist deck of cards in either the Glacier Ice or Lavender Dusk edition.

Both versions of Winter NOC Playing Cards are carefully manufactured by the USPCC on premium, air-cushioned stock to ensure they can be used for any magic trick or cardistry routine. As with all NOCs, they are also marked on the back with the suits of each card.

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