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Roberto Giobbi's wrote five classic card magic tuition books ... then he published some easy card magic.

Essentially, what Giobbi has done here is tweaked, routined and given presentations for 21 slightless card tricks from magicians such as Dai Vernon, Theodore Annemann, Al Leech, Max Maven, Karl Fulves, Bob Hummer, Richard Vollmer, Ken Krenzel and more.

These tricks do not require sleights, but they all show the cunning perspective of a professional performer, guaranteeing astonishing and entertaining results. Most of the tricks are mathematical based, but Giobbi's presentations tend to hide this well, which is an essential element of this type of magic.

If you're an experienced card magician, you'll probably be aware of most of the tricks, but you will definitely learn from the routining that Giobbi provides. If you're new to card magic, or just looking for some easy tricks, you'll also take even more away from this book.

Pages 175 - Hardbound w/ Dust jacket

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