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Houdini Pendulum Deluxe is a fantastic set for collectors, mentalists and mystery performers!

These pendulums are hand made from authentic oak wood from Harry Houdini’s New York City residence! The wood lath was removed from the house in April 2019 as part of renovations. The set includes also a piece of original brick from Houdini’s house which was removed in 2020 during renovation by the new owners.

Just imagine what stories about an energy, spirits or Houdini’s mystery life and death you can add to your demonstrations with this pendulum and brick piece!

Each Houdini Pendulum Deluxe set includes:

- Houdini House Oak Pendulum;

- piece of Houdini House brick;

- numbered Certificate of authenticity;

- specially prepared photos with marked backs hidden in the logo;

- wooden box and bags;

- several mentalism routines (with written and video instructions).


The Houdini Pendulum Deluxe is a very limited edition specially made for Fantasma Magic!

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