Houdini Spirit Lock - LTD ED A Fantasma Exclusive!

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The magician shows an antique-look copper lock hanging from a loop of rope.

The magician allows a spectator to examine the lock: it is most definitely locked. The magician hangs the rope from the spectator's outstretched finger. The lock dangles from the bottom, untouched by both the spectator and the magician.

As the lock hangs from the rope, the magician tells the story of the spirit of Harry Houdini and how he can even unlock padlocks from beyond the grave. Suddenly- and again, completely untouched by both the magician and the spectator- the lock pops open! 

These locks were meticulously hand-crafted by Paul Lembo, utilizing a top quality Swiss-made secret mechanism. This is not a toy, it is a REAL, professional magic effect! Limited edition: fewer than 50 of these will ever be made. Stores in a beautifully hand-crafted wooden box made by Diyan Kostadinov.


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