Fooled Ya! Prank Set by Fantasma

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Fool! Record! Share! Laugh! You’ll be the comedy star of the internet with the new Fooled Ya prank set from Fantasma!

25 Mega Pranks to fool your friends and make them laugh too! Mega prank book included for fun ideas to use with your prank props:

Mouse In The House - Sure to cause laughter in every room!

Sharing Is Caring - Have a cookie…. And a surprise!

Pardon My Puke - It’s disgustingly hilarious!

Pencil Got My Tongue - Freak out your friends with this hole in one!

Whoopie Slime “Hand Sanitizer” - Pass the sanitizer… No, pass the gas!

Dropped It? - Watch their face crack when they think their phone screen has!

Don’t Step On It! - Ew! You have poo on your shoe!

Bubble Gum Goo - It’s icky, it’s sticky and it’s gross!

And many more! Bonus DIY phone stand to record your pranks with your smart phone and share to social media! And don’t forget there’s an extra gross secret Mystery Item inside to make unboxing your set extra fun!  Ages 8+

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