Welcome to Fantasma Magic, the modern magic shop online featured in Time Out Magazine, NBC, Fox and Time Magazine. We supply a huge array of close up, mentalism, stage and parlor magic. We create the worlds best high quality magic kits for children of all ages!


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Piano Playing Cards [LIMITED EDITION]

Only 49 products left! On Sale $12.00 Regular price $14.99


Stolen Deck

Only 3 products left! From $35.00


Only 30 products left! $24.99

Regalia Playing Cards

Only 1 products left! On Sale from $12.00 Regular price $18.54


Keepers Playing Cards

Only 5 products left! From $8.99


Only 8 products left! From $25.00

Flash Paper

Only 25 products left! From $6.99

Ring Escape

Only 1 products left! $24.99