Mickey Mouse Copper Silver - A Fantasma Exclusive by Roy Kueppers

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Two coins are shown to the spectator. One copper & one Silver. Both coins are placed in the Magicians right hand. The hand is closed into a fist. The left thumb & forefinger reaches into the closed fist & removes the Silver coin, shows it to the spec & places it in the left shirt, pants, or jacket pocket. The spectator assumes that the copper coin remains in the closed fist. The hand is opened & reveals that the silver coin remains. The silver coin that was placed in the left pocket earlier is now removed & shown to be copper (the two coins have mysteriously changed places)! Both coins are again placed in the right hand & closed into a fist. The left fingers again remove the silver coin, this time placing it on a table in clear view, or even handed to a spectator. The right hand is now opened to now reveal the vanish of the copper coin & the appearance of another silver coin. Both silver coins are now placed in the right hand & closed into a fist. One silver coin is removed from the closed hand, shown to the spec, & placed in the left pocket. The right hand is now opened to find that the copper coin has returned in place of the second silver coin. The copper coin is held at the tips of the right fingers. The left hand retrieves the copper coin & places it in the left pocket with the silver coin. Attention is now drawn to the right hand. The silver coin appears at the fingertips. The left finger now takes the silver coin from the right hand, & displays it in full view at the fingertips. Once again, attention is drawn to the right hand to again witness the appearance of a coin at the fingertips. It’s the copper coin! You are now holding two coins in full view at your fingertips. One copper & one silver. Exactly as you began.

This special edition uses RARE nickel Mickey Mouse coins which were made to accompany a Disney wristwatch. Extremely Limited edition!

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