Fantasma has a curated selection of the best close up/parlor tricks in magic. Not a stage master yet? Close-up is the foundation in which great magicians are made.


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Searching Jookers by Henry Evans

Only 2 products left! On Sale $19.99 Regular price $29.99


Trusting in Magic by Henry Evans

Only 4 products left! On Sale $19.99 Regular price $25.00


Smart Pen by Henry Evans

Only 1 products left! From $35.00

S.S.S. by Shin Lim

Only 1 products left! $29.95

WOW Book Test

Only 1 products left! $75.00

Psychic Deck

Only 45 products left! $15.00

Flash Paper

Only 5 products left! From $6.99

PK Magnetic Rings

Only 24 products left! From $10.00